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Hello, I'm Vilmar, an accomplished designer specialising in end-to-end product design.


I have a track record of rapidly releasing products in startups, tech companies, agencies, and enterprise organisations, where I turn complex challenges into user-centric solutions. My toolkit combines visual design, AI tools, and lean UX methodologies, as well as innovation frameworks and workshop facilitation, all underpinned by a business perspective.


My design journey began with the advent of the internet. Over this time, I've tackled a wide range of design projects, spanning branding, experiential, and digital products. I've collaborated with cross-functional talents, delivering holistic solutions in various sectors, including education, fintech, technology, health, and more.


By nature, I'm both a thinker and a doer. My mindset is grounded in human-centred design principles, lean methodologies, innovation frameworks, design craftsmanship, and storytelling to humanise technology and create impact.


I am into culture, nature, and health.

Here's what I can help you with:

Some of the companies I worked for/with

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