The world is as complex and uncertain as ever.

That brings risks, and unique opportunities to innovate too.

I believe that embracing a culture of experimentation and interdisciplinary collaboration is the best way for businesses and brands to create the solutions that people need now and in the future.

That is why I work at the intersection of brand experience, human-centred design and technology, using rapid methodologies to develop ideas and products, end-to-end. 

Let's make magic happen.



Vilmar is one of a kind product innovator, who is driven by a true passion for the user.

Each innovation project in the lab was different: some highly technical, while others focused on new business models. Vilmar has proven each time to grasp the context of a problem, learn what there is to learn, both internally and externally, and bring back his insights to help the project move forward. His visual planning methods, and openness for new ways of thinking blended in perfectly with a team that was originally engineering heavy."

Wilco van Duinkerken

Head of Technology and Business

Trivago Innovation Lab


Vilmar really listened to our needs as a client and then immediately jumped into action, with the situation going from imminent crisis to calm control under his leadership. Outstanding problem solving, diligent, fast and collaborative. I couldn't recommend Vilmar highly enough and would work again with him in a heartbeat."

Lauren Bryan

Head of Production EMEA


Vilmar is one of those leaders who really can jump between creative, data & tech - to create a modern day 'Gesamtkunstwerk'. Working with his innovation lab was one of the best - and most productive - I’ve had the chance to experience. From big-picture thinking to design details - his experience was inseparable from the project’s success. Not to mention the fact that he’s just a phenomenally nice guy to work with! I’d definitely go well out of my way to do it again!"

Philip Boven

Strategy and Innovation Director

Achtung / Isobar



...Vilmar is capable of pulling the perfect reference and ingredients out of his sleeve to solve a client's problem. He's a creative professional who brings craftsmanship, witty insights and excitement into any project."

Alex Nakonechnyj

Product Design Director


I loved the way we worked together as a team. I think the speed in which we got to know each others' way of working was impressive and it felt like proper teamwork from the get go. In my opinion pretty impressive for a first project."

Joeri Bakker

Head of Products and Services

Achtung / Isobar


I collaborated with Vilmar on a very visible and complex project for Google. During this project - with very tight deadlines and a lot of stakeholders involved - Vilmar managed to stay patient, understanding and deliver, while keeping every stakeholder happy and involved. Those, to me, are skills that are invaluable for almost any kind of project out there"

Gaston Serpenti

Head of Creative Northern Europe





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