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Hi, I’m Vilmar, an accomplished design lead specialising in end-to-end product design.
I help you turn complex challenges into user-centric solutions, with a smile :)

Product design

Sailing web3 storms and AI tailwinds

At Metacampus, an edtech startup, I navigated complex product design challenges amidst the frenzied landscape of web3, and the boom of AI. I covered UX, design, and strategy, and played a pivotal role propelling the platform from concept to reality through continuous experiments and rapid pivots.

#digital platform

Staycations people don't want to leave

Through a close collaboration with Dentsu's innovation team, I oversaw the launch of a mobile web app and notification system, designed to drive organic traffic to We redefined ‘staycation’ by scraping unique hotels that work as a destination. The product was later integrated as a feature into the core platform.

#mobile web app
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Driving family trips and search traffic 

Our data showed that 70% of American families have not travelled for months. Together with a team of engineers, I led the entire product design and market-testing of an MVP in a 12 week sprint. Our goal was to increase search traffic while inspiring families to take a car trip and book a hotel. The product was later integrated as a feature into the core platform.

#mobile web app

Alzheimer’s: caring for the caregivers

With Alzheimer's cases projected to triple by 2050, caregivers face mounting challenges regarding intense workload, chronic isolation, and preparedness. Supported by ML engineers, I developed a dedicated Voice Action with the Google Assistant to empower caregivers and alleviate accute pain-points.

#voice user interface

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